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08/09/2020, 7:35 AM
I am going to start learning Jetpack compose. But the library is still in developer preview. Is it the right time to start learning or can i just wait for upto some pre-release builds. Because i heard that there are some major API changes happening. Feel free to mention your suggestions guys. Thanks
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Halil Ozercan

08/09/2020, 8:43 AM
Yes, there might be major API changes between each release. This can put a toll on your projects because at each release you may need a migration ranging from slow hustle to complete project traversal. However, I believe that learning on the road is rewarding. All API changes happen for a reason and knowing the history behind them will be helpful in the future when Compose gets to the pre-release stage. If you have time to try it out, I'd definitely recommend doing so.
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08/09/2020, 9:43 AM
I think Frameworks seem to naturally be more self-referencing and harder to learn as time goes on, using elegant terms that are good analogies for people that already understand but don't allow transferable knowledge as easily for newcomers as the burden of knowledge for all developers and the community builds up. (eg. React "hooks" lol) I think the developers for this are really good at naming things and describing things without pre-requisite knowledge, but I reckon it inevitably happens to some degree and it is actually possible to save time learning a framework while it is relatively new and keeping up with changes


08/09/2020, 12:46 PM
@Halil Ozercan where do I start? can I get a link or something?