# compose

Colton Idle

08/04/2020, 5:01 AM
My team uses Android Studio 4.0.1 and we don't use compose. We're building a new set of components in the current android ui toolkit, but we're interested in building composables at the same time. Is there a chance that we can build the composables in the same project or do we have to force everyone to use 4.2.0 canary (updating agp, etc). I'd really like to continue opening the project with AS stable to build/dev/deploy, but if I open in AS canary I can see the library of composables we're building out. Is that possible or just asking for trouble? The simpler thing to do would just to have a separate repo, but I'd like to stay away from that if possible as I would prefer to have old/new components in the same repo.


08/04/2020, 5:18 AM
you could split business code into another modules.

Timo Drick

08/06/2020, 9:12 AM
I am also interested if this is possible. @Colton Idle did you try to put all compose code into an seperate module? But i am not sure if it is possible to use different gradle tools in different modules.