Hi, when I have two instances of a composable with...
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Hi, when I have two instances of a composable with FilledTextField, I'm getting this error:
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java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Key -1277534736 was already registered. Please call unregister before registering again
        at androidx.ui.savedinstancestate.UiSavedStateRegistryImpl.registerProvider(UiSavedStateRegistry.kt:96)
        at androidx.ui.savedinstancestate.ValueProvider.updateAndReturnValue(RememberSavedInstanceState.kt:103)
        at androidx.ui.savedinstancestate.RememberSavedInstanceStateKt.rememberSavedInstanceState(RememberSavedInstanceState.kt:68)
Any thoughts? Thanks 🙂
hey, so the FilledTextField component is affected by that and I would need to duplicate FilledTextField and add the work around until it's fixed?
no, you don't need to duplicate it. you have for loop somewhere and you need to add
key(index) {}
inside the for loop. we will make it more automated in the future. if it is still not clear I can help if you share a bit of your code
Oh thanks it's working now 😄 I was using a "u"id associated with the object in the for loop but I was sillily using a new random object with the same seed for each id 🙃 Would you recommend it is still better to use the for loop indices ?
yes, indices are better, if you don't have anything other unique
in next releases it will be working automatically as if you used indices
ooo great work 😄