# compose

Byron Roberts

07/17/2020, 2:30 PM
Hi guys. I'm trying to integrate Compose into a production project to test it's integration with our current pattern and can't seem to get it compiling correctly. I've updated the Gradle plugin to 6.5 and the AGP to 4.2.0-alpha3 and it seems all the plugins I have defined now don't work and I keep getting errors along the lines of
Plugin with id 'findbugs' not found
. I've tried removing them one by one but it eventually gets to Android plugins to which it claims to not be able to find. Just wondering if anyone ese has experienced this or if I might be missing something?

Timo Drick

07/17/2020, 4:41 PM
As far as i know is findbugs deprecated anyways. But i don't think it is a compose issue. Gradle changed a little bit. So maybe you was on an very old gradle version. So you should look into the gradle documentation.
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