07/06/2020, 7:10 PM
Hey 👋 I ran into an edge case with Compose, and I’m not sure where to start debugging this. I created a simple composable UI that works fine on emulator, my device, even in Android Studio preview. But I’d like use it in combination with Android 11's Quick Access Device Control feature. When the user long presses on any system control, my own Activity is launched (this is where I use Compose) as something like a bottom sheet dialog with the Activity inside. And this is where my Compose UI breaks, because I can’t interact with anything inside the Activity, nothing reacts to any user input. Things that I’ve tried: • using a regular XML layout in this Activity -> every View is tappable, responds to input • using Compose in this Activity, but launching it as a regular Activity -> also OK Any ideas what’s the issue? Is it Compose, or the Android 11 Beta? Or some weird combination of both?
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For reference, this is how SystemUI launches my Activity