New question/feedback :stuck_out_tongue: This is a...
# compose
New question/feedback 😛 This is a simple `FilledTextField`… 1. Don’t you think the default background color should be transparent? 2. Don’t you think the start padding (or inner space 😅 between the border and the hint) is too big? 3. I can’t type using the laptop keyboard, I have to press the keys on the virtual keyboard… is this the [current] expected behavior?
Never mind about #1 and #2… looks like it’s matching with Material Design specs 🤷‍♂️
3. yes, known issue. We've got IME handling but not raw key events hooked up so far.
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that key event dispatch work is intertwined with some other work going on right now about focusability and focus traversal
Thanks @Adam Powell. Sorry for flooding of questions here. But I’m preparing a presentation about compose and I’m doing a lot of experiments in order to anticipate a few questions 🙂
no problem and awesome 🙂 please feel free to pick our brains in here as much as you'd like
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that's what the channel is here for!
Good to know about your presentation @nglauber 🙂 I'm really excited with compose and know a lot of people that are too. But I feel a lack of Brazilian Portuguese 🇧🇷 material.
Stay tuned 🙂 This presentation will be on July, 14th. And I should publish the samples on my github 🎉
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