Hi. My coworker <@UMLHEFG6M> and I are Android dev...
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Hi. My coworker @Jordan Carlyon and I are Android developers at the Wall Street Journal. We’re working on a joint initiative with our iOS and backend teams to create a Component Library that uses Jetpack Compose backed by JSON models. We successfully completed a concept thanks to the documentation and samples, but I haven’t found much information on the roadmap in terms of moving to alpha or beta. A level of parity with SwiftUI is important. Right now we’re debating whether or not it’s worth using Jetpack Compose in a small corner of our app or just building a standalone library and waiting to integrate until Jetpack Compose is more mature knowing that it could be a while. Any advice or general feedback would be helpful. Thanks!
@bryansills Thanks! I would have never found that. I'm assuming that was in the YouTube video posted above your link.


This is pretty good, but it goes from alpha to release. Since beta is when the API's are stable, that's a big milestone.
We don’t have a roadmap to share for beta at this time
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Interesting! I’ve been working on something similar on the side!