# compose

Mikołaj Kąkol

06/09/2020, 9:56 AM
hi, rather broad question. Having compose, will it be ok to do layout animations? will it be less invasive for performance?


06/09/2020, 3:45 PM
We hope so, we are working to optimize Compose and hopefully make it fast enough for exactly this use case. That is the desired way to drive an animation. Of course, it also depends on many factors including the fact that user code also runs on that code path (you define your own Composable functions, which need to be fast), so your functions also need to be sufficiently fast to make it happen, and also depends on the age of the device (some people are using some exceedingly old devices, which may struggle to do any animations). But we're working on it. If you're seeing dropped frames, let us know if there are particular patterns/functions that you think are candidates for further optimization and we can look into them.
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