2 years ago
    Hi, after updating to dev12, WithConstraints that's inside of AdapterList keeps getting called which freezes the list during scroll, and then the app crashes Structure:
    AdapterList with Modifier.fillMaxSize()
    -Box with Modifier.wrapContentHeight() + Modifier.fillMaxWidth()
    --ConstraintLayout with Modifier.wrapContentHeight() + Modifier.fillMaxWidth() (I can also see non-stop constraints measure happening, it also gets logged)
    ---Box with Modifier.fillMaxWidth() + Modifier.aspectRatio(16 / 9f)
    -----Image (but it also happens with empty WithConstraints block)
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Asking for measurement result of unmeasured layout modifier
            at androidx.ui.core.LayoutNodeWrapper.getMeasureResult(LayoutNodeWrapper.kt:63)
            at androidx.ui.core.LayoutNodeWrapper.getMeasuredSize(LayoutNodeWrapper.kt:53)
            at androidx.ui.core.Placeable.getWidth(Placeable.kt:40)
            at androidx.ui.core.LayoutNode.getWidth(LayoutNode.kt:373)
            at androidx.ui.foundation.ListState.composeAndMeasureNextItem-BTEqjtU(AdapterList.kt:237)


    2 years ago
    I had the same problem with dev11. Maybe it's related to https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/154653504
    Andrey Kulikov

    Andrey Kulikov

    2 years ago
    this could be something separate as well, could you please file a bug? thanks!