03/21/2020, 7:59 PM
When is proper navigation support expected to come out?
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Adam Powell

03/21/2020, 9:26 PM
If you mean integration with the arch components nav library, not sure. We don't consider it blocking for alpha, beta or 1.0, partially because it's fairly straightforward to create a ComposableFragment and use that with the existing library. We're focusing on the fundamentals that make such integrations easy to write first
If you check out the incoming changes, you'll see that the initial support for integrating with saved instance state from compose is landing, which is an important step for it
From there, it's mostly a matter of the feature set that matters to you. If you want a stack and back button navigation, that's fairly straightforward to put together today. I think at least one community member here has published a compose-centric navigation library so far
I'd like to see the arch components library integration also support the other fragment navigators alongside compose in the same navigation graph for robustness, but that will take some additional time given the size of the surface area to support, the Android studio integration, etc.


03/22/2020, 2:49 AM
I've been using
as router. Because compose based navigation doesn't have nice animations now... Also I don't see it necessoary to pull in the buck of appcompat jars.