# compose

Leland Richardson [G]

03/06/2020, 4:32 PM
It’s pretty awesome that you’re taking the time to do this. Thanks for that! It would be great if our release notes could be as thorough. It’s a nice reminder for us that we can do better, but at least in the meantime folks have resources like this.
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03/07/2020, 2:05 AM
Just hire him wherever he is now that Google is going remote thanks to coronavirus 😉
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Ian Warwick

03/09/2020, 11:04 AM
Thanks @Leland Richardson [G]! though I only covered the things that failed to compile for me, am sure it would be more thorough if I used more parts of the API so far. Really great work what you guys are doing! not been so excited about a paradigm shift in Android dev for a long time
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