What architecture is better to use with compose. I...
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What architecture is better to use with compose. I think MVP looks not bad
I always use MVVM, but i dont know how LiveDatas will look with compose
there's a post of @Luca Nicoletti talking about a mvi implementation - https://medium.com/swlh/android-mvi-with-jetpack-compose-b0890f5156ac , personally I've liked some points of this sample, but I'm going to change somethings like create my own state machine with coroutines and use it instead of livedatas, but the thing that I've liked in this post and I've already tried to do something like that with the imperative view style was the idea of create your states on action declaration, this is awesome that compose allow us to do that just by creating composable functions, and I'm going to bring it to my projects.
@bloder Thanks for featuring! Yeah that’s quite an old post 😛 I ditched
now, relying way more on
and planning as you did to go `coroutine`s. But the idea is that
will allow us to have a full functional approach 🙂
I might write an update to that blogpost, may be worth it 🙂
yeah! would be great a new post, It's good to see that community is engaged with this functional approach, I really loved it 🙂
Any unidirectional dataflow architecture will be a good fit for Compose
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