Hey, I'm getting started with compose. Can anyone ...
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Hey, I'm getting started with compose. Can anyone guide me to good getting started guide or blogs. Also learning more about reacts declarative ui will help in better understanding in compose?.. will state and event management like thing will be required for Android too now?
as far as I know the library is not released to even alpha yet, so you need to download the entire toolchain for AndroidX development + downloading the Preview Android Studio, this is the guide: https://android.googlesource.com/platform/frameworks/support/+/refs/heads/androidx-master-dev/ui/README.md it doesn’t seem to have any guide at the moment, but there are many examples that you can find inside the demo source code, covering many different usages of Compose. I suggest to just follow the guide above and get it to compile then learn through the examples in it (that’s what I did, it’s very helpful)
I'm writing a Getting Started guide in Spanish, if any of you are interested: https://medium.com/@facundomr/jetpack-compose-i-motivaci%C3%B3n-50e085543923
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