Hunter Kelly

    Hunter Kelly

    1 year ago
    Hi there, I’m trying to pass a json object into a post request, my function looks like this:
    fun createItems(info: ItemInfo): HttpResponse {
        return HttpResponse(201, MimeType.JSON, "")
    data class ItemInfo(
        val name: String,
        val count: Int,
        val details: String,
    But when I make the following call, I get an error that the parameter is missing:
    POST /1/createItems HTTP/1.1
    Accept: application/json, */*;q=0.5
        "info": {
            "count": 10,
            "details": "test1 details",
            "name": "test1"
    Response is:
    HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
    Connection: keep-alive
    Content-Length: 35
    Content-Type: text/plain
    Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2021 13:56:42 GMT
    Required argument 'info' is missing
    Are json objects not supported? I can rewrite to flatten object, but it seems like one of the main value propositions of kotless is being able to work with kotlin and objects in a clean way and without all the normal headache of marshalling/unmarshalling things


    1 year ago
    Hm, we had this discussion above — basically automatic demarshalling from post body was disabled, but probably we should return it
    Still you can use Ktor which has this support
    Christian Schwoerer

    Christian Schwoerer

    1 year ago
    Hi @Hunter Kelly, see my question / solution here:
    But in the end we decided to switch to Ktor