<@UD02CTD2M> we'd like to add http4k support to Ko...
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@TanVD we'd like to add http4k support to Kotless. It should be really simple as is relatively similar to ktor. Is that something that you'd be interested in adding to the library if we PRd it? we'll do all the docs and the examples as well of course. And http4k also supports graalvm out of the box as well so that's a plus.
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Yep, I would be happy 🙂 Feel free to contact me with any questions 🙂
1. There is an examples folder. You can add there http4k example. After it update version of kotless to
in examples and in main project and execute
. You should be able debug your application on examples project just via Gradle task debugging capability of IntelliJ IDEA. At least, this is the way I am doing it 🙂 Once you want to update application just re-execute
and restart debugging session. Note, that to make IntelliJ see sources of parser you may need to add it as a
dependency to project you are debugging 😞 2. Right now Kotless is unable to deploy wildcard path, your are right. I just did not have a time to implement it 😞 Dynamic routes has a drawback of losing static routes functionality, but may be a valid choice for some applications