01/04/2020, 10:53 PM
Few highlights for next release: During current development iteration I am focusing on a local start functionality. Ultimate goal is to provide Kotless user with ability to debug application fully locally, inside IDE and don't bother about mocking any AWS service. To achieve this Kotless uses LocalStack -- during local start plugin will start LocalStack container with services, used by application, and will apply configuration to them (e.g. it will apply DynamoDB tables definitions, that are located in Terraform extensions files) If user deploys application and all the infrastructure from Kotless + Terraform extensions -- it should start locally and work exactly like in a cloud. It will work both for Kotless DSL and Ktor. AWS Emulation support is already in master and works for example projects -- shortener and site. If you have any ideas, comments -- don't hesitate to reply in thread or DM me 🙂
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P.S.: Of course, release will also include a lot of bug fixes and improvements. Big thanks to @gregorbg 🙂