The README suggests installing ktlint in `/usr/loc...
# ktlint
The README suggests installing ktlint in
, meaning that all your projects need to be on the same ktlint version. Now you probably don't want to include the
binary in every repo, but what about a Gradle-wrapper like script that downloads the ktlint binary? Would that be something the repository might want to provide?
Just out of interest, are you building with gradle? If so, what’s wrong with using one of the two gradle plugins’ tasks, which implicitly download the correct version of ktlint?
We’ve seen that running ktlint in gradle is significantly slower than invoking the binary directly since gradle needs to configure everything
Fair enough. On my project it takes between 1 & 3 seconds to run
gw lintKotlin
gw formatKotlin
. Gradle 6.8-milestone-1, org.jmailen.kotlinter:3.2.0.
Gradle should become better when configuration cache will work
one advantage of the Gradle (if configuration cache is working) is skipping the check on unchanged sources