Will ktlint indention support different continuati...
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Will ktlint indention support different continuation indent size? We have indent 2 continuation 4 and we had to disable indent check for ktlint.
ktlint respects editorconfig -> https://github.com/pinterest/ktlint#editorconfig
but unsure if you can specify 2 different indentations in single file
it does not support a different continuation indent
We already have indent size and continuation indent size in editor config. And ktlint doesn't care about continuation. I found a ticket where it is removed because kotlin style guide has same continuation indent size as normal.
Is there any chance or plan to support it?
We know have one editorconfig for project root + one editorconfig config in custom part to disable indent rule for ktlint.
i can see how that is annoying, but we have tried hard to match the published styleguides
the experimental version of the indent rule which does autocorrection was simpler to implement without a continuation indent too
so there aren’t any plans to support it at this time
thank you, i will try to convince my team to use same indent for everything but for 140k LoC project, it will be hard sell to do