I've marked the kvision-maps PR as ready-for-revie...
# kvision
I've marked the kvision-maps PR as ready-for-review :) https://github.com/rjaros/kvision/pull/327 (@João Paulo Figueira ping! In case you want to take a look)
Thanks! I'll take a look soon.
I've merged your PR to the master branch
Greate work! Thanks!
I've added some cleanups and some compatibility changes (mostly for my own, very limited use of maps module in my apps)
I've added copyright notes to your code but I'm not sure if and how you want to be placed there. Don't even know your name 🙂 So please just add yourself to the copyright notes in the next PR if you want 🙂
@Jörg Rade The changes in the maps module are unfortunately not compatible with the methods created by you:
. So I just have to drop these methods without any replacements in 5.7.0 (it will break semantic versioning pattern, but I don't want KVision 6 yet and I think the work made by @Adam S is worth it 🙂). It should be fairly easy to create substitute extension functions.
No problem!
Nice! Thanks Robert
copyright - I don't need my name on it :) I'm happy with what's there
and thanks for tidying it up, and adding the backwards compatibility
I had a thought for testing too - I want to try setting up a Jupyter notebook, so the code and the result can be displayed inline. It won't be automated, but it should be good enough. I'll have to see though
I've decided to refactor package name
to cleanup namespaces and avoid future collisions
ahh yes that's a very good idea - I had the same thought but forgot to do it