What's the word on using KVision with something li...
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What's the word on using KVision with something like Koin for dependency injection on the API/backend? I was thinking to try it out
I've never used Koin.
If you are thinking about current fullstack interfaces, they are based on Guice for Ktor, Javalin, Jooby and Vertx. I need possibility to directly retrieve services from the injector - I don't think Koin would support this because it seems to be DSL based.
Thanks, nope, not fullstack, my use case for DI is just for backend. I had just set up a separate db to run automated tests against & seemed like Koin might be useful next step w/ configurations. TBH i'm not sure I needed it yet, was just wondering about DI recommendations w/ KV (will look at Guice if need be, thanks). Excellent work w/ KVision btw, it's great to work with