I seem to have a problem with spinners. There seem...
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I seem to have a problem with spinners. There seems to be some kind of endless loop. These seem to be related to max, number of decimals and increase. In my example if I set a value that is larger than max and then use the spinner, the page does not respond anymore.
Could you provide an example? This is working fine for me:
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spinner(value = 20, min = 0, max = 10, step = 0.1, decimals = 1)

spinner(value = 30, min = 5, max = 9.99, step = 0.01, decimals = 2)
Works fine in Firefox, Chrome and Opera (don't have Windows here to test in Edge)
It happens on Chrome and Firefox. I think it is related to an observable state I am using. I will try to reproduce it later.
I fixed by rounding the value in the init lambda. I am subscribing to the spinner and updating the ObservableState.
I get endless events: ObservableState -> Spinner -> init(17.2) -> subscribe(17.2) init(17) -> subscribe(17) Don't exactly understand how that happens.
You have bi-directional binding?
created manually or automatically with
ok, I think I have reproduced the problem
fixed - should work fine with the next release
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