Is there a possibility to do a multipart request w...
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Is there a possibility to do a multipart request without using Upload form control ? I see that RestClient isn't compliant with multipart. In my case Upload control is just a tool to get a file before modifying it. After this modification, I would like to add it to an authenticate multipart request that for now didn't know or see any way to make this multipart request
Where do you keep your file data on the client side? A byte array? A base64 string?
It's a byte array
Is KFile content a base64 string ? Do you suggest to send a simple json to upload files ?
you could try this:
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val byteArray = byteArrayOf(1, 2, 3)
            val blob = Blob(arrayOf(byteArray), BlobPropertyBag("application/octet-stream"))
            val formData = FormData()
            formData.append("test", blob, "test.dat")
            val result = RestClient().remoteCall("<http://localhost:5555>", formData, <http://HttpMethod.POST|HttpMethod.POST>, "multipart/form-data")
            result.then<dynamic> {
Ahhh that makes sense. Thank you very much for your help.