Hello friends, we need your help! It used to be cu...
# refreshversions
Hello friends, we need your help! It used to be cumbersome to migrate an existing project to refreshVersions, and we are changing that. We just published refreshVersions 0.11.0 which contains a new task refreshVersionsMigrate It would be nice if you can test it out and provide feedback before we announce it. https://github.com/jmfayard/refreshVersions/discussions/396
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Will try it tonight will a multi module project. Hope it works! 🤞
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Excited to try it on this weekend K
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id("de.fayard.refreshVersions") version "0.11.0"
to my root build.gradle.kts plugins block and got an error when syncing Could not resolve all files for configuration 'appcoreLibraryDesugaring'. Cannot resolve external dependency com.android.toolsdesugar jdk libs1.1.5 because no repositories are defined. Required by: project :app
@Colton Idle refreshVersions has to be added to
, not
If the problem persist, please run again with
and provide the build scan URL
Really? I've never seen a plugin block go into that file. It was in the documentation too. Whoops! Sorry. Trying again today.
First impressions: 1. The automation seems to work great. Even replaced some commented out dependencies with _ which is nice IMO 2. It left things behind like
val rxbindingVersion = "3.1.0"
which is fine, just interesting I suppose? 3. In version.properties, some versions look like
and others
(notice the two dots between android and epoxy) 4. All of the spacing looks uniform in version.properties, EXCEPT for this section right here. idky
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(notice the extra space on okio) Besides that it looks like the migration went smooth. Going to try this out locally for a few days and then maybe push it to the team. Thanks Jean
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Thanks Colton! 2. I'm aware of this, fortunately it's not too much work to see that the veriable is unused and delete it 3. Plugin and libraries have a different naming scheme for versions. The two dots are on purpose, they replace what would be the two dots separator between a group and an artifact 4. That spaces is icky but it's also on purpose. If there was an available update for okio, you would see it as a comment "# available # =2.11.0" correctly aligned thanks to the extra space
I still don't really understand #4, but glad its not a bug. It's the only dependency that wasn't aligned properly.
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##           # available=1.2.0-alpha07

### available=2.1.0
Ah okay. I guess I'm just not used to how refreshVersions displays possible upgrades.
Awesome works! Thanks! Build successful~
Thanks for letting us know 🙂