02/12/2021, 9:01 PM
Hello, I just wanted to thank you for working in this project and tell you that I have been using the buildSrcVersions for around a year and I have been really happy with that. Now I will try to move to the refresh versions. I wanted to ask if you know of any example or guide on how to move from a groovy gradle Android project to the refresh versions. I have been working with the buildSrcVersions and I thought it would be similar, but I was having hard time finding how write in kotlin some things, like apply Apollo graph ql plugins, Google maps, and firebase crashalitics plugin and also I was using a maven library where I had to specify user and password of my credentials so I wasn't sure how to do it with kts.


02/12/2021, 9:34 PM
This project has helped me move to build.gradle.kts:
The annoying thing is that code completion doesn't work until a Gradle sync has been successful so I'd recommend removing everything from your build scripts and adding progressively
There's no silver bullet as the process is trial and error but that has helped me before


02/12/2021, 10:14 PM
Oh thank you it looks really nice, I will try it out tomorrow.
Thank you Martin I managed to fix most of the unknown groovy vs kotlin things, now I need to fix some python things related to maps and I will probably be done. My new problem is that all my gradle files for my modules are red except the project gradle. I'm not sure what can be the cause I think the conversion went well. I converted all my build.gradle files and deleted the groovy ones.