another question i had, have you considered doing ...
# refreshversions
another question i had, have you considered doing
for versions (eg:
) or anything else that is not in maven versions usually that would then lead to a entry
that would probably not look for updates in maven i find that in kotlin-js-wrappers for example the versions are built out of the versio nand the library they are wrapping, would be cool to use
as version or
npm("react, "^{react}")
Supporting Kotlin/JS npm dependencies has been on the list and on my mind for a while, so I have definitely considered it! I didn't experiment to see how it appears for a Gradle plugin yet though, and how the plugin would look for the available updates.
i would not even need looking for versions, just some sort of templating string like behaviour would already help a lot.. i could technically already acoieve that but i need fake dependencies to have it not throw away the keys, then retrieve the values and then append them into the final string
But refreshVersions purpose is not to be a templating like helper. It is to refresh the versions ­čÖé Would be better to have a dedicated
file that you manage in the meantime.
i guess i need my own helper functions in the end
Thanks for putting that npm thing back at the top of my mind, that arrived at the right moment as I'm rewriting the updates lookup logic
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