Pandemic economics have led to my separation from ...
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Pandemic economics have led to my separation from Bose. I miss the good people there that I used to call colleagues. It was an honor to serve as an Android subject matter expert and to represent the company at colleges the got Bose to sponsor a Major League hackathon. The upside is that I am sure to find fantastic opportunities to work remote with companies outside of Boston that might not have been open before. I am looking for a role similar to the Mobile Architect position I held so I can tap into a dozen years of Android experience in the tech industry. Other work with higher education at Modo Labs and Stanford University would also be welcome. I want to move forward with that or with IoT, Wearables, AR/VR and mHealth. Here is a link to a small portfolio of solo Android apps. There are others on DevPost and Github. Please dm if you can help make a match to my next position.
Hi Elizabeth, Would love to speak if you are open to a contractual FT role. @Elizabeth Mezias Feel free to DM if still looking.
Hi Dwayne! Thank you for getting in touch. I am still looking. Can you please tell me a little more about the role? Contracting would not be my first choice.
Hi Elizabeth,
Please see, I think it's up your alley. I'm looking to fill a full time leadership hands-on position. Happy to do temp to prem if you prefer. Best