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(Remote Contract Position) I am a self-taught Software Developer specialized in Android. I have experience developing Android apps both in Java and Kotlin. Delivering full application lifecycle, from design to the GooglePlay. Besides, I am a DevOps student in a comprehensive 14-months course, giving me a background in Linux Administration, Computer Networks, Security, and DevOps. The course is intended for LPI LPIC1 & LPIC2 certification exams. In general, I am a curious person regarding technology. I love to explore different technologies, among some, are working with AWS, Python, Web technologies, Hardware, etc. I believe communication between teams is key to achieve top-level success, as well as maintaining best practices, clean code, and well-thought architecture. To learn more about my skills, you can visit my website at www.ofirbar.site Contact Details: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ofirbar/ Email: ofirbar5@gmail.com Citizen of Israel, expected to receive citizenship in Spain as well.
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Nice profile!
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Thank you my friend 🙂 @Eugen Martynov