Hey <@UUFQXKYCE> have you gotten LocalDate seriali...
# kmongo
Hey @tim have you gotten LocalDate serialization with kotlinx.serialization and kmongo coroutines? I see there's a default implementation for LocalDate serialization but it doesn't seem to work
We haven’t tried to serialised LocalDate. Fwiw, we are successfully serialising kotlinx.datatime.Instant to a mongo Date using
with something like this:
object InstantAsBsonDateTime : TemporalExtendedJsonSerializer<Instant>()
. Not sure if a similar approach would work for LocalDate
@tim yeah saving it with a regular LocalDate saves the data to mongo. But upon trying to retrive the data I get something like this:
Serializer for class LocalDate is not found
. And I cant add another contextual serializer as IdKotlinXSerislizationModule is assigned to serializersModule