Does someone use the GraphQL registry from Apollo?...
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Does someone use the GraphQL registry from Apollo? I enabled it in GitHub Actions, it detects that chnages were made
│ PASS │ FIELD_REMOVED │ type `HelloPayload`: field
removed │
15 but it isn't error for it because it doesn't know which GraphQL queries and mutations my users are using because I don't use the Apollo Graphql server I don't know what to do
Hi Jean Michel! You might have more luck at, not sure anyone from rover hangs out here (it's mostly rust)
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Let me know if that doesn't work, I can try to dig in a little bit
Apollo Studio doesn’t consider field removal a breaking change if no clients are using the field. We recommend putting apollo gateway or the new (alpha quality) apollo router in front of your graphql server (making a federated graph of 1). The gateway or router would publish client usage metrics so that schema checks work as intended
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