i saw there was some progress with code generation...
# graphql-kotlin
i saw there was some progress with code generation for kotlinx-serialization how far along is the cgenerated client code for multiplatform (js) with ktor ?
Hello 👋 Yes, we recently updated gql kotlin clients to work with kotlinx-serialization (in addition to Jackson) - released in
I don't think I will have time in the near future to work on multiplatform support
the part I'm not sure about that will work on the JS side is the
that we use for deserialization of responses -> https://github.com/ExpediaGroup/graphql-kotlin/blob/master/plugins/client/graphql-[…]-generator/src/test/data/kotlinx/multiple_queries/FirstQuery.kt
unsure if that is an issue (probably yes) or if there are any other issues
generated client code is mostly just plain data classes
i see.. then i guess i will experiment with using the pllugin again, currently our multiplatform code is all handwritten serializable data classes and some wrapper code to create queries and deserialize responses