11/03/2020, 11:02 PM
so.. we are using a shared project for the data classes, use those from graphql sping server and i wrote a few lines for doing the requests using kotlinx-serialization and ktor-client i would like to also use kotlinx-serialization on the server, is there such a project .. or where can i help to make that happen ?

Dariusz Kuc

11/03/2020, 11:13 PM
Hello 👋 Currently
relies on Jackson which is the default serialization library for Spring Webflux. I believe starting with Spring Boot 2.4 it will be possible to use
as a replacement for Jackson. I haven’t looked at that code in a while but I believe we only use Jackson explicitly in the default resolver/data fetcher (and for handling subscriptions).
I think after we upgrade to Spring Boot 2.4 you should be able to provide custom resolvers using
*probably should double check if there is any other code depending directly on jackson
Spring Boot 2.4 RC is out so 🤞 GA will follow soon. In the meantime feel free to open up an issue/PR against

Shane Myrick

11/03/2020, 11:20 PM
Starting an issue to track discussions: