Ok true :thumbsup: And I was wrong, ContextWebFilt...
# graphql-kotlin
Ok true đź‘Ť And I was wrong, ContextWebFilter is for incoming and ExchangeFilterFunction for the outgoing requests via WebClient. However, the Reactor/Security Context (also GRAPHQL_CONTEXT_KEY) is not present there. The requests outside of graphq-kotlin handling have a populated Context. The Problem is also there outside of the FilterFunction. Using:
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val reactorContext =
in a resolver function won't return the context
problem is due to the reliance on graphql-java….
basically it needs completable future which means that underlying call chain is broken
and you won’t get anything in reactor context
True, I noticed when inspeciting the parent contexts
i.e. reactor (router) -> coroutine (handler) -> completable future (graphql-java) -> coroutine (resolvers)
would love to have kotlin native execution but didn’t get a chance to work on it yet