Kshitij Patil

09/01/2021, 5:48 AM
So how is the performance of Arctic Fox on M1 sillicon lately? Any issues with Jetpack Compose ? More importantly, is 8 gigs of RAM enough with M1 sillicon for smooth development? I had a terrible experience with Arctic Fox on Linux, as the IDE keeps freezing all the time so I've switched to Windows 11 and so far the experience is great.
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Carl Benson

09/01/2021, 7:06 AM
can't say anything about 8GB of RAM, but it works OK on 16 GB. But there seems to be memory leaks, because memory usage increases quite a bit over time. No issues with compose that is related to M1
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unsure how accurate this is. heap usage reported by Android Studio is 1678 out of 3072 MB


09/01/2021, 12:01 PM
AF working fine on Linux here, but I did buy a new machine with 32Gb because performance on 8Gb was really slow. I think there were memory leaks too, but they don't seem to accumulate enough to cause a problem now.

Kshitij Patil

09/01/2021, 12:04 PM
Yes, I'm using it with 8GB RAM but found better performance on Windows (HDD) than Linux (SSD)

Dhaval Gondaliya

09/07/2021, 4:46 AM
new patch of Arctic fox (3.1 and 3.2) has some bugs which is making it annoying. Other thing works fine (In Windows) with 16 gb RAM