# flow

Alexander Maryanovsky

03/29/2022, 8:06 AM
According to the docs, when the upstream of a SharedFlow completes, the downstream just remains stuck collecting forever. What do you guys think of this utility to work around this? Code in thread.
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private sealed interface FlowMessage<out T>
private data class FlowValue<T>(val value: T): FlowMessage<T>
private object EndOfFlow: FlowMessage<Nothing>

fun <T> Flow<T>.shareCompletableIn(
    scope: CoroutineScope,
    started: SharingStarted,
    replay: Int = 0
) = this
    .map<T, FlowMessage<T>> { FlowValue(it) }
    .onCompletion { emit(EndOfFlow) }
        scope = scope,
        started = started,
        replay = replay
    .takeWhile { it !is EndOfFlow }
    .map { it.value }
I think I’ll have a problem with
. On the one hand, I need
if the upstream completed, in order to replay the values +
but on the other hand, if the upstream hasn’t completed, I don’t want to replay one extra element.