I want to use chucker in my app, the <documentatio...
# chucker
I want to use chucker in my app, the documentation mentioned that for the implementation I should use add,
-> to make the library available only in debug build
-> opt out the library in release build my question is that, when I release an app to playstore, and with the implementation above, does chucker still do its job? My team just want to make sure that when the app released, the chucker won’t inspect incoming API traffic, thanks
library-no-op satisfies the same public API but does nothing (hence, no-op). you can see exactly what is in it: https://github.com/ChuckerTeam/chucker/tree/develop/library-no-op/src/main/java/com/chuckerteam/chucker/api
okay, so the library is there, but it won’t do anything, it just exist in our app, thank you for the information
Yup basically what @ephemient said
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