Thread about #141
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Thread about #141
@gammax do you have more things to ask about ?
That was on my table for today. Gotta go through that again once more as it slowly faded from my mind sorry 😅
IIRC we got stuck as we wanted a DSL that won't introduce breaking changes in the Public API. What's the status ok that front?
I've answered you there @Olivier I hope I was not to strong 😕 Sorry for that.
Hey 😉 no problem. You didn't talk about me 🤷‍♂️. You was only talking about the code I pushed. I won't respond here, I'll do it on the PR itself.
We could avoid such case when somebody spent quite a lot time to do a really great work, while other team members not actually agree with the value of this chunk of work for the project. To not allow such things to happen, I suggest to do sort of discussion before doing such big changes. I believe that early feedback is much better and might save someone a few evenings to spend more time with family, etc. What do you think, guys?
Yeah, it works only for
group and external devs won’t be affected, but it is anyway better from my point of view.