Consider editing your IntelliJ Kotest configuratio...
# kotest
Consider editing your IntelliJ Kotest configuration template to add these VM options:
-Dkotest.framework.classpath.scanning.config.disable=true -Dkotest.framework.classpath.scanning.autoscan.disable=true
Knocks 5 seconds off running a simple test for me. (obviously if you’re actually relying on automatically discovered kotest config this is not such a great tip…)
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I think it could work if it's commented by default. Having autoscan disabled by default is not very intuitive
It was a suggestion for the end user, not a suggestion for changing the plugin
Ah, absolutely 😄
and actually if you use extension like spring classpath seems to be needed. I did not investigate much, but disabling scanning prevents autowiring and constructor injection from working properly. that is a good fix for unit tests still