Hi, after updating my Kotlin and Kotest versions i...
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Hi, after updating my Kotlin and Kotest versions in IntelliJ I’m getting the below warning where I’m using
to tag my tests, for example:
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"my test".config(tags = setOf(TestTag)) {
    // Test stuff here
warning on .config -
This declaration is experimental due to signature types and its usage must be marked (will become an error in 1.6) with '@kotlin.time.ExperimentalTime' or '@OptIn(kotlin.time.ExperimentalTime::class)'
TestTag would be defined like this -
object TestTag : Tag()
Is there something else I should be doing to tag my tests instead of using
It's because .config has duration in it
Intellij recently updated and now experimental types propagate further
you can ignore it
It will go away once 1.6 is released
So where it says “will become an error in 1.6” I thought that meant this code won’t work with 1.6, or will the warning go away and it’ll still work?
the warning will go away
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