11/10/2021, 7:14 AM
Here’s the output from running the test in the IDE: 07:12 Executing tasks: [cleanIosTest, iosTest] in project /Users/rakesh.patel/StudioProjects/kmm/fluffy-guacamole/shared 07:12 Gradle build finished in 2 s 451 ms 07:12 Tests passed: 4 07:12 Tests passed: 4 07:12 Tests passed: 4 07:12 Tests passed: 4
And from the command line: rakesh.patel@SHPLC-X2S3 fluffy-guacamole % ./gradlew cleanIosTest iosTest Type-safe dependency accessors is an incubating feature.
Configure project :shared
Kotlin Multiplatform Projects are an Alpha feature. See: To hide this message, add ‘kotlin.mpp.stability.nowarn=true’ to the Gradle properties. The Kotlin source set androidAndroidTestRelease was configured but not added to any Kotlin compilation. You can add a source set to a target’s compilation by connecting it with the compilation’s default source set using ‘dependsOn’. See
Task 😒hared:iosTest FAILED FAILED kotlin.AssertionError at null:-1 in cache, return from network fails, throw exception FAILED kotlin.AssertionError at null:-1 12 tests completed, 2 failed FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.