12/07/2021, 7:14 PM
Hi everyone 👋 . We just released `3.0.0-rc01`🎉 : • ChangelogDocumentationMigration Guide If everything goes well, we're planning to go stable next week 🤞. In a nutshell, Apollo Android 3 brings: • a 100% Kotlin codebase, using coroutines APIs and KMP support • a new (optional) codegen that maps the Json response 1:1 and models fragments as interfaces • declarative cache with
• client-side non-nullability with
• a test builder DSL • SQLite batching and many more performance improvements • AST and lower level primitives to manipulate your queries If you haven't already, now is a good time to look at it and offer feedback. Changing things will be way harder once all the APIs are all frozen like a Kotlin native StableRef using the old memory model 🙃 . Feel free to reach out here or on Github!
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...and looks like Sonatype is having some AWS issues 😬 . Some artifacts didn't make it yet to mavenCentral. It should all stabilize ultimately. I'll update this thread as it goes
It's all back to normal 🙂