02/16/2021, 12:22 PM
we have a Substore containing
and a
seems to not work on it.. did we overlook anything ? our goal is to have a varaible amount of text fields that we can add or remove with a +/- button in a form seems like .renderEach only gets called initally for the last value in the list and does not emit any html i am wondering if we imported the wrong function it kinda works if we do
but now we have to make the update calls go though the store that contains the list of them and need to figure out which one we were editing, probably each if we just make a data class for it that contains the value and a unique id, but that seems like .. unnecessary complexity

Jan Weidenhaupt

03/02/2021, 6:56 PM
Can you give us an example code to reproduce this problem? When it's a problem until now, please open up an issue on github for it. Thanks!