Kirill Grouchnikov

05/31/2022, 1:58 PM
Our plans regarding 1.1.2/1.2 are changed, and scope of it will be revised.
@Igor Demin - is this something that you can comment on in a bit more detail?
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Igor Demin

05/31/2022, 2:32 PM
It was related to the question why this issue was removed from 1.1.1 milestone (and the other issues from the other milestones), which is already released. Some of the issues were attached to some milestones a long time ago, so plan to fix them to these milestones is outdated. We will go through all issues again, and sort them by priority and complexity, and attach them to 1.2 milestone. 1.1.2 probably will contain only critical fixes.
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Alexander Maryanovsky

06/01/2022, 4:26 AM
When is 1.2 planned for?

Igor Demin

06/01/2022, 4:29 AM
It is not decided yet, but it will be after Jetpack Compose 1.2.0 release
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