Colton Idle

01/25/2022, 1:35 PM
I am super excited to see all of the samples updated to use latest AGP. I get these red lines when opening up the project in AS. Should I file a bug against jb-compose... gradle, intellij or AS?
Ended up finding what I think are 4 distinct bugs so I just filed 1 ticket that encompasses all of it on the Android Studio team. Edit: Here it is if anyone wants to star/help show that this is important to some people 😅

Konstantin Tskhovrebov

01/25/2022, 4:05 PM
CMD+A -> Gradle JVM -> change embedded AS JDK on local and newer

Colton Idle

01/25/2022, 9:38 PM
I have my jdk set to my java home which is azul 11
do i need it set to something newer?