12/25/2021, 9:00 PM
In the Compose multi-platform template in the Jetbrains Compose repository, the common module seems to link to the Jetbrains implementation of Compose, while the Android module seems to link to actual Compose. This makes sense and is what I would expect, but why is the Android module set up in a somewhat unorthodox way, with e.g. no
block, and a
plugin? This breaks preview support in Android Studio (I'm aware Jetbrains provides their own preview plugin for Compose though, although I couldn't get it working due to some Kotlin incompatibility). Does this different setup imply that the Android module in a multi-platform project might always be one step behind Google and require "special treatment" to work? Compose for Desktop would be very compelling if the Android module could use the latest available features from the latest version of Google's Compose -- and take full advantage of all Android Studio features including preview -- even if of course desktop and web implementations would have to use the Jetbrains implementation which would not have complete feature parity. Maybe this is how it works? I could be misunderstanding something. (I'm very impressed by Compose for Desktop despite these questions / reservations, by the way. And Happy Holidays!)


12/27/2021, 8:18 AM
one could use pretty much any version of JetPack Compose in Android module, along with AGP features, so guess there shalln't be lag behind