Adam Brown

12/01/2021, 10:55 PM
is there any plans to bring compose desktop to kotlin/native? Would be pretty great to have pure binary exe's, no bundled run times or what ever


12/01/2021, 11:05 PM
@Adam Brown 'Material' Compose UI for iOS + Web is a concept I'm very excited about too. My own best-guess; based on everything we can see, is that there is quietly such a plan for the future of Compose/Multiplatform. With all the other work going on at the moment (so much, JB have been really busy!) they seem unwilling to discuss it yet. In particular, this question was asked several times, directly to JB during the recent Premier Event, but was never addressed - which was unusual since all other questions were being answered eagerly. And by the way I don't blame them for this _at all_; because once something so exciting is acknowledged, it will get asked about even more, and nobody needs that extra pressure going into early stage PoC's. We have seen merges to Skia/Skiko that add support for rendering to HTML 5 Canvas via WASM and to iOS layers, these are key foundational pieces that would be required for a 'Material' Compose UI PoC. I'm keenly interested in this too; just sitting back and watching where :compose-multiplatform: Compose/MP go post-
(on the edge of release 🙂 today).
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Adam Brown

12/01/2021, 11:07 PM
cool! Well it will be very exciting to watch where this goes
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12/02/2021, 3:50 AM
There are a Compose UI PoC running on iOS already, so this prove that works and they are working on but it will take time and we need be patient
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Michael Paus

12/02/2021, 8:43 AM
@SrSouza But the github link is dead 😭
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12/02/2021, 11:15 AM
Kotlin/Native apps have a bundled runtime, it's just in the same file as the rest of your code.
Given that users don't download raw exes anyway on any platform, it doesn't make any difference in the end.

Adam Brown

12/03/2021, 5:44 AM
well, agree to disagree on that one, i think there's plenty of benefit in natively compiled executables still. Hope they do eventually add K/N support.