01/20/2021, 4:46 PM
Hey folks, first, the Jetbrains Compose latest builds is sharing the latest Jetpack Compose Alpha artifacts? Second, I'm writing a library for Compose and I want to support Jetbrains Compose and Jetpack Compose with the same artifact, this is currently possible? If not, what is a recommendation to me build a artifact that will support both?


01/20/2021, 5:28 PM
Both MPP (Desktop/Jetbrains) and Android (Google) follow master pretty closely, so they generally aren't far apart, but they also aren't perfectly synchronized. With regards to releasing an artifact that supports both - this is not easy yet. At the moment, you would need to build the code twice, and might require tweaks to the extent that you are using APIs which have changed in the time between build cuts of the two versions of Compose. This is not particularly easy at the moment, unfortunately, but I'm hoping to get this resolved so there is only a single consistent release in the medium term (not sure exactly when though, probably several months away minimum).