Yan Pujante

11/06/2020, 1:22 PM
I have been wanting to write an application that would use the macOS menubar icon tray and notification. I had been putting it off because of the thought of having to write it in Swift (or worse Objective-C). The fact that I can now do it in Kotlin with #compose-desktop is mega exciting! 😛arty-parrot:


11/06/2020, 1:24 PM
(maybe you’re already aware but you can make macOs apps with Kotlin/Native)

Yan Pujante

11/07/2020, 2:15 PM
Maybe it has changed, but last time I tried Kotlin/Native it was so slow (to compile) that it made the process almost unbearable. I could give it another try. That being said compose desktop sounds more like what I was looking for.