Now, something that (I guess) fits this channel: (...
# compose-web
Now, something that (I guess) fits this channel: (because, well, related to Compose Web)
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(However this seems just to be a small refactor in the projects, the samples still exists in the "examples" folders, I was just curious about why "We've decided to move in different direction" but it just seems to be related to the Gradle build files, not the project as a whole... or maybe it is?)
I wouldn't read too much into any particular CL description
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@MrPowerGamerBR we've decided not to keep two copies of examples - one built against released artifacts (that's what always've been in the examples folder) and one which is built against the project (that was the code in web/samples project). This was a one-week experiment and we've decided that this can confuse users.
That said, nothing actually changed - examples are where they always has been )
Makes sense, thank you 🙂 I was just worried because "omg what if the compose web is dead because "moving in different direction" what does that mean???"
I gotta be more careful and precise with commit messages 😉
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