JungIn Choi

06/05/2021, 3:10 PM
Day69, Day70
• ForceFinish activity layout job done (With some issues left) • Discussion with this layout - with design team and web front engineer • Force Finish logic - have to check whether device location is within 300m radius of our return area, including buffer area. ◦ Disgusting RX jobs.. Got stuck and my supervisor helped quite a lot. (Actually he got stuck too) (He told me that he'll push a working vesion that night but he didn't haha)
• Actually discussion with regard to ForceFinish layout became larger and longer than I intended. (Actually our frontend engineer loves discussion..) I didn't intend to have some "who will do this dirty layout job, mobile or web?" fight. My original intention was to say "Let's use html editor that frontend engineer developed" and put that into webview. That layout would be much cleaner in html format, I just have to put that on top. Miscommunication lead to waste of time,, • Hmm it was quite frustrating, but it was necessary. The problematic layout had many textviews, and it closely fits into the screen. (In some phone it fits in a screen but in other phones, it don't. So, it must be better to put as scrollview, but since it closely fits into the screen, putting inside scrollview was not pretty as expected. What a disgusting issue.. But I had some basic question - is this agree button really necessary? I mean, push button or marketing button requires some api shooting and is related to some user attribute. But in this layout, it was totally unnecessary. SO, conclusion of this dirty discussion was to get rid of that button... haha..... • Remote workday is really, really, good. I am much productive when I work home lol.
Goals Tomorrow
• Hmm I want to check that force finish logic but it must be an excuse to ask my supervisor to push commit at sunday right.. I'll just follow my memories and try to finish that logic from scratch, or just wait till monday. • I'm still not very used to Rx, I'll have to check actual working code snippets using "flatmap" and "map" • Goal is to finish focefinish logic at monday, and handle QA feedbacks for store sprint

Bryan L

06/05/2021, 3:20 PM
Did the team decide on pushing the activity with the html editor / webview your frontend engineer developed or are you sticking to writing it in xml?

JungIn Choi

06/05/2021, 3:42 PM
Emm I first finished the draft, using dirty combination of textviews. (Ex. I even put " * " bullet points as textview, to control the margin between bullet point sentences..) After discussion, we concluded to 1) get rid of some unnecessary button which disrupted the design and scrollview layout 2) Put scrollview layout components as html webview, using the front engineer's internal editor. That internal editor is not 100% perfect but is currently in progress. It didn't support font weights yet, so we had some discussion about that too. (To be honest, I just wanted to say that I'll take this job and stop discussion for now,,. but he somehow sticked to that editor so😂) I have to get some instructions from him on monday, how to adapt that into android.