JungIn Choi

05/23/2021, 4:46 PM
• Googling for recyclerview issue ◦ Designer required recyclerview inside a scrollable view. So at first, my supervisor gave an advice to use recyclerview inside nested scrollview ◦ At very first stage of implementation, I built the entire layout with fixed recyclerview on the bottom. It then worked, but as I removed the fixed size constraint, recyclerview pagination was not working well. ◦ I was quite stressed with this problem. As I printed the api logs, every page was being loaded, and views were not being recycled. ◦ Reason was that nested scrollview renders all its child at first time of its creation. ◦ This is a serious problem, since this fragment I’m now working on will be routed often. If every pass history, not even being displayed on the screen, become loaded, it is very inefficient in terms of both memory usage and backend api loads. ◦ As I figured out this issue, I googled it and found some short comments that reported this same issue. (But they didn’t post any other solution..) ◦ So I guess I have to put the upper view as .. header of recyclerview. Must be some disgusting job tomorrow. ◦ Hmm. And I’ll have to google for some better solution too. Maybe I could just put everything inside the recyclerview and manipulate its coordinate..?
• I’m actually spending most of the time (except working time) these days, to found rent & mortage …………………… Seoul is a fantastic place to live, if you’re rich. Ha ha, sad that I’m not. • Ideal plan to found rent by June, move in, and get my focus back to android studies. I know that I did not simply quit that graduate school just to spend weekends finding rents.
Goald Tomorrow
• Resolve that recyclerview issue • Finish refunding logic • Minor layout fixes (customize shadows) • Check for payment logic • Prepare for QA, practice replacing mock response data
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Bryan L

05/24/2021, 1:55 AM
I've only been to Seoul once (if you count never leaving the airport.. lol) It's definitely near the top of my lists to visit. How's the commute from outside the city? p.s. It's tough but you've got this! Even taking time off from android studies outside of work, it seems you're still covering quite a lot at your job.. so don't stress too much. You're making some awesome progress. 😁 :android-dance: p.s. x2 (is there such thing as a p.s. x2?) Hope ya don't mind if I feed off of the hard work you're putting in. I'm getting motivated to kick in into high gear again because of you 👍

JungIn Choi

05/25/2021, 3:47 PM
Haha seoul is a nice place to live, and (with a decent guide,) a nice place to travel. I can recommend u places when u come, definitely 😎 Ohh Bryan, you’re welcome. I was motivated by you when I spent weeks on the island. (Was really tempted to turn off laptop and lean on bed often)
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